Maison Luvé

A new Luxury view!

Contained in a play on words, a kind of symbolic dovetail, the new style project born from the logic of a creative process enclosed in a name with a musicality of its own. Luvé: Lucerne-Venice. As Claudio Righetti, strategic art director of this visionary approach, explains:

Our cultures of reference blend together in the brand: Swiss quality and precision which are expressed in their purer signature in minimal design, and the magnificence of Italian art and culture, reflected in the splendour of Venice. But Luvé may also carry the root of love, enriching its meaning.

This complex aesthetic, this symmetry between opposites defines a brand born complete with bags, shoes and prêt-à-porter. Images of a creativity which speaks of an expansive vision of the market, where sales success is driven by the value of its offers, and not the opposite.

When a myth is born, memory and future come together. The imaginary becomes reality, and reality grants our wishes.

Filippo Bruno di Tornaforte, Head of Design, who since October 2014 has been tasked with giving substance and form to the project, relates how it all started with the Ursula Bag, Luvé’s signature handbag, inspired by an icon of world cinema, Ursula Andress, and by her strong, trenchant beauty which defines modernity.

There’s a common link between the bag and the collection, which embodies a symbiosis of the Far East – China, Japan, Asia. Where the proud sweetness of forms is united with an intimate essence of luxury, which primarily pleases the one who wears it—the opposite of the western show-off. This is because we want to provide the pleasure of something which is also unique in its internal details, not just the external… and for that reason we use only the most precious textiles such as silk and Mikado fabric.

A small shoe collection—new models—completes this elegant nonchalant output of understated, simple elegance. Heels of at least seven centimetres, in two colours which create a optical play, sandals with eastern touches, uppers in Mikado fabric with embroidery and appliqué.
With this worldwide launch, which starts in Venice at its Cinema Festival and goes on to touch the fashion capitals, Claudio Righetti, already a revolutionary curator and producer of international creative events, shows that the language of art can be applied to different disciplines, like fashion.

Our choices came out of a consensus that we wanted to bring together at the same time the truth of individual taste with the pleasure of a glamour that is both intelligent and full of life.

– Giusi Ferré.