Maison Luvé

Palazzo Durini

Creative Office

Discover Luvé creative home

Luvé maison hosts its creative spaces and showroom in a beautiful historical location. A 17th century palace designed by Francesco Maria Richino around 1645 and originally owned by the Durini family.

This suggestive location is made unique by a big courtyard overlooking the main entrance and framed by a four-walls-long colonnade. A small vestibule decorated with stone statues leads to a second small private courtyard revealing an enchanted atmosphere created by a special garden with an artificial lake, furnished with a bridge and an iron pavilion. Lastly, a secret pool - really hidden – reveals a charming scenery to visitors.

The magnificence of this historical site grants a special background for Luvé showroom which inside is adorned by high wooden frescoed ceilings, Venitian marble flooring and grand windows overlooking the entrance courtyard. Enlightened by natural daylight the main court is perfect as setting for the Luvé first runway show which will take place on the 24th of September at 9pm.