Spring / Summer 2016 Collection

A delicate harmony of pure shapes, structured fabrics and sophisticated details that immediately reveals the inspiration of the Luvé Spring Summer 2016 Collection.

Timeless elegance as a point of reference, with an eye to the East, a place of memory in which the values of deep traditions are an endless source of inspiration and of savoir vivre. Interweaving emotions that recall the days when Venice was considered the “gate to the East”, a far away and fascinating universe that produced most luxurious fabrics, colorful, fragrant spices and exciting perfumes; a world that extended the fascination to explore and discover to the voluptuousness concealed among the creases of Asian silk.

Luvé expresses a balanced and delicate elegance, courteous and refined, in an unusual and sophisticated combination between East and West. A kind of elegance reminiscent of timeless icons, of refined, forever sensual Hollywood stars who represent the world’s high-society and an indisputable point of reference for style and avant-garde trends.

Special thanks to:
Beautick hair and make up stylist
Sergio Salerni, Urban Production
Paolo Santangelo jewellery designer
Andrea Banfi, welcoming service
Andrea Boschetti, stylist
Angela Galasso, tailor service
Fasten Seat Belt, communication support
Nelson Tordera, dj set
Dulcis in Fundo, catering

Luvé also thanks all the personalities who helped realising the debut evening.