Ursula Bag

Luvé Tribute to Ursula Andress

It’s not just a bag. It’s the new It-accessory, a feast of lines and colors for the eyes, where the story of Luvé begins. Ursula Bag embodies the fascinating appeal of the female character who inspired its creation, a legend of the screen worldwide and symbol of a free, untamable spirit: Ursula Andress, the first of James Bond’s beautiful women in 007: Dr. No (1962). One of the ten most famous scenes in the history of cinema is when she emerges from the ocean in a white bikini, with a dagger strapped to her belt, an image of warrior sensuality that has ignited the fantasy of entire generations.
The bag is medium in size and with a hand-carved handle in Italian olive tree wood. The front closure recalls the buckle of the actress’s beachwear – the bikini that Ursula Andress herself had adapted together with her sister, turning it into the unforgettable masterpiece known to all. The Ursula Bag was designed according to precise criteria, combining colors and materials, and can turn into a shoulder bag when used with its long leather or braided strap. It comes in different colors and sizes, from handbag to shopper.